Hi. My name is Wayne. I am a full time musician/composer who is married to a wonderful wife and has 2 wonderful girls I am a Husker Fan, of course being from Nebraska. I love to talk about music and share my observations about living with 3 girls. As my girls are now 9 (almost 10) and 7 and I have become the decidedly minority male voice in the house, I think I can share with you some wisdom about music and my daily mistakes/observations about learning the female psyche. Hopefully, we can all have some fun in the process.First, about living with 3 girls. There are days where I now understand why most middle aged (or close to middle aged) men have such clean garages. I love my family...but there are days when the three women own the house, bathrooms and all. You can't win with any of them for one reason or the other and it becomes obvious that you are not quite equipped in pleasing anybody, at least for an hour or two. At that point, I sit there and think....mmmm...I need to go through my tools and give the garage a good sweeping. This is something I would not have thought about EVER 10 years ago.It's the same with writing a good melody. You've got to make sure it has both some great peaks and great valleys in order to work really well and make something that is remembered by those who hear it. You've got to have a good plan for it, but be flexible enough to change it along the way if you come up with something better. It's the ebb and flow of a well planned melody that makes it so interesting and enjoyable...just like my family.I hope that those of you who read this will learn a little bit about music (both trivial and not so trivial) and have a good laugh about my parenting skills ( or lack thereof somedays)...please feel free to share your thoughts on either with me.Have a good night and see you tomorrowWaynehttp://www.waynebomusic.comhttp://www.joshuamemorial.org
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