Hop aboard the Coal Train!!

If you are like me, music for kids generally makes you want to stick your head in the oven. Asinine lyrics, annoying tunes, awful production, and for some reason your kids can't get enough. Well friends, the day has come -- someone has FINALLY made music that kids love and adults will secretly listen to while the kids aren't around. Coal Train Railroad, by Katy Bowser and Chris Donohue is silly, fun, beautiful, catchy, well-written, well-made jazz music for kids. If you have kids in your house, or maybe just on your Christmas gift-buying list, this CD is a no-brainer. Don't believe me? Download a 2-song sampler free and my bet is that you'll be back for more. For the next few days you can get a 5-pack of CDs for $40 and knock out presents for your nieces, nephews, bosses' kids, and the neighbor boy across the street.OK - mea culpa... I played piano all over this thing! Seriously, adults should not have this much fun.Free listen:bT*xJmx*PTEyNTg1NjU1NDM1ODkmcHQ9MTI1ODU2NTczNDI2MiZwPTE5MDI4MSZkPTMxNDI3ZDIxLTQ2YWMtNGM1YS*4YzY5LTJjNzdlODg5NWI1NCZnPTImbz*4NmIwYWRhMThiZDk*MGJkYTdiNmUzMGI5NzdiYjRiNyZvZj*w.gif
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