Just thought I would say hello to everyone and invite those who wish to hear, to preview my piece for an unmade animation; "Once in a Blue Moon". The track is called "Grande Finale" and the full scenario that describes "Blue Moon" is this:

The year 2010 began with a Blue Moon.

The sky was clear, the moon was full and round and it was New Year’s Eve. In the kitchen of Simon Overturer the
bright moonlight flooded in through the un-curtained windows and shone on the
very untidy remains of Mr Overturer’s last year.

He didn’t believe in ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. He liked to leave
things where they ended up. They were easier to find that way, he said. He’d
even taken the doors off the cupboards so that he could see everything at once.

On that special night, the moonlight shone on cups and plates, saucers and spoons, pots and
cups and knives and forks, all scattered about on tables and sinks and
cupboards and even the latest coffee stained original score of Simon’s masterpiece
“Once in a Blue Moon”.

In the light of the Blue Moon they shone and glittered and seemed to vibrate with some new and
exciting energy. Even the notes on the first page of the score quivered with
excitement. It was a night for Magic!

The dish on the table began to spin and roll until it balanced on its edge. and it began to
turn and dip as if in time to some unplayed music. The notes on the page were
stirring and the first movement came to life!

The spoon beside the dish shook itself upright and joined in the dance with the dish.

The Dance of the Dish and The Spoon had begun.

Cups, mugs, saucebottle, salt & pepper shakers, pots, pans and mustard pot all felt
this amazing energy of the dance. They wanted to be in on the act! Wow, it was
so great to move freely without being picked up and plonked down without so
much as a by-your-leave!

Two delicate crystal fluted darlings on the top shelf were watching the goings on with some
disdain. They had been forged and blown in the finest wineglass-making factory
in France, and as they too became caught up in the magic of the moment they
wanted to show this rowdy bunch below what real dancing was all about…. The
Wineglass Waltz was about to begin.

The Saucebottle, who by some quaint trick of destiny had been picked up in an old English
antique shop and mailed to Simon Overturer’s kitchen dresser, was filled with
ancient memories of its time on board the HMS Wanderer where sailors and
stewards danced hornpipes and smoked pipes and piped up with delightful ditties.
Oh yes! It was time to jump down off the shelf and do a sea-shanty like no

The Coffee pot not to be out done by Sauce bottle’s hornpipe charades leaped to his caffeine
stained legs and grabbing the tea strainer proceeded to dance a Polka like no

Two nearly empty tequila glasses that had been dozing in the sink, filled with a surge of high
spirits, leaped onto the bench knocking over the wineglasses and in their
drunken reverie began a most exuberant

By now the Blue Moonbeams were streaming down all over the kitchen benches. Pots, pans,
skillets, mugs, glasses, knives & forks, spoons of all shapes and size,
coffee pot and tea pot milk jug and mustard pot.. Filled with memories of their
beginnings from peasant cultures, all were now filled with an ecstatic energy
to dance their own dance. And so began the Grande Finale.

The rest of the tracks can be heard at this link:Music

Thanks for listening!

Cheers everyone, and would love to hear your comments!


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