'Recently purchased Finale & GPO4. I did not expect much, since most digital scores (that try to sound acoustic) are disappointments.

.....I went to venerable YouTube, and I heard a few passable to even decent orchestral scores. That means that there are all kinds of tricks to work out with the ARIA player. Each instrument voice has several controls, some of which I played with to get a recent string-centered piece to sound less irritating. They are meant to be manipulated.


.....GPO does warn you that you will need to use a modulation wheel, or its equivalent to achieve a good result. And that is a topic I am still in the dark on. I have not bought such a controller, to date. I plan to.


.....Still, there must be a sort of concensus by now, concerning optimal levels to set for, say a solo violin with keyswitching capacity in relation to a solo viola. Someone will say it's a matter of taste; but those of us who are not schooled in sound editing will not really understand that vague answer. I'm sure many of us would like to learn from successful experiments.


....So, who has a score they think sounds really nice, using GPO4/ARIA ? And what especial things did you do to enhance the basic "voices" that you used?


.....Please keep the topic confined to GPO4 and the ARIA player. I know there are other sampling options. This is what I am stuck with. And so are a lot of other not-rich people. peace to all.  ...s

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  • Hello Olivier,

    I will read carefully and I'll do that, but my system crashes (blue sreeen, etc.). I thought I'd fix everything yesterday, but here we go again. I will live a Sunday complicated. I'll be back for sure.


    Claude Marc 

  • Dear Claude,

    I send you here a little score called "Flying Lina" a short cut from a bigger score... rec. was doing quickly with GPO. Sib file and recording on by..



    Sib file: http://www.box.net/shared/cjjs2ruq4s

    Recording: http://www.box.net/shared/0y9fx29djr


    I'm very exited to hear you EW results.. ;-)



    My very best



  • Sylvester:

    If you using just GPO ...I had render here a composition of mine called  "Lumière" entirely with GPO. from couple of month when I've been hanging out in a booring plane.. :-) ..that will be also interesting for Claude here..


    I think that "Lumière" sounds as mock up with GPO not as bad. I will re-record them next time with VSL and so on.. I 've make this quick DEMO with GPO because I had to show this score to some of producers I had met..



    My tip for using GPO is first to play or give your melodies an authentic character. Play the instrument like it was written...and writing them as it normaly would be played --- :-)...in special when you record them from your score notations. If you using Sibelius or so...render them carefully..to omit the maschine efffect of the interpretation from Finale or Sibelius. Choose there "Rubato" on the playing options and conduct the tempo with the tempo conducter...bring this time varaible tempo as "time factor expression" out.. thats make this whole thing more real.. --  well the mix is very important here.. give the whole recording a good bright reverb..give them space and room to blow all the phrases and melodies out..you might have written.. you can with GPO the old or the new GPO.. producing some good results for a quick making DEMO for a producer or a another musician ..the whole DEMO became a extremly lift when you using a real life intrument to you score ..for instance a solo violin or a sax palyer or trumpet player with a own solo melody...when you using the sordino strings from GPO mixing a solo or 2 solo violin/s from GPO behind them ..that brings a new step into more realism forewards.
  • Well..I had said here that I'm using GPO often as additional instrument ..my statement corresponding to the statement what Claude had make. I had not said that I'm using GPO as a Filter --> ?.. Sometimes I use GPO as a single instrument inside the whole mock up ..because there are some very fine instruments inside the whole library. And sometimes and that is what I had say... is that I'm using some of the intruments as additional voice together with the same instrument from a another library...later on in the mix I choose  the decision to bring this or the other library louder out or into the foreground. ;-) sometimes in a certain bar of the score..
  • My English is not very good, but if I understand what you mean, Garritan is good to get started. I understand. Anything goes in this direction. But a better tool is always preferable to train the senses and the intellect from the beginning.
  • We could do some tests. Give me at noon (or Sibelius) a short piece written for solo instruments (horn, oboe, clarinet, violin) and a recording of it with Garritan (a record that you are good). I registered my side then with EastWest. This is not a competition but an illustration to help the community. I could be wrong, but my attempts were very poor with Garritan.





  • Well, I must say that what Claude here had postet is not "so"  - correct. GPO has a very nice C Flute and some very nice sordino strings which are very useable for undermixing besides VSL or LASS and so on. It's a cheap library,  but is not as crappy like Claude had said. Im using VSL, LASS, EW, Kirk Hunter, Symphobia --> SAM etc..almost all available library on the market and of course some real orchestras as well ..depending on the budget..GPO is an additional useful library which works very fine in a Lap Top in a plane or in a travelling situation... where you can very fast figure out some complex orchestration ideas..while you might hanging out 10 hours in a plane.or so..but I personally never compose, arrange or orchestrating on a computer..always on the piano.. the hole thing is just for demo purposes..and pre- production and sometimes as additoinal shape...



  • I think you'll lose a lot of time with GPO. It is for children. It is better to work overtime elsewhere and pay Eastwest or VSL, it is faster. GPO is not serious. Sibelius is getting rid of this thing. Look on the forums. Not a serious musician utlise GPO. Pardon my frankness. It's hard for a moment, but it's good for the future.



  • To follow up on Ray's sage advice there, many of my blog entries about digital orchestration apply to Garritan as much as any other library. The basic techniques for realism are the same for all libraries.
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