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A few months ago I joined this forum with the idea of checking around a bit about this whole 'composing' scene.

I basically come from a whole different scene of music experience (rock, metal) but I've always been interested in the whole film and games music industry.

I've been using some symphonic software and keyboards anyway along my 'heavy metal' period (that is still active though, but less than before), but I was looking for something new, I've been into recording and mixing as well the last two/three years, but that was not enough for me. I quickly find out it would be interesting to work on some music and get myself a personal website as a freelance composer.

After posting some stuff on the forum I quickly noticed alot of people seem to be really experienced and helpful, which I did not expect from a forum with a relatively quite small number of members.

One of these guys helping me out on questions is James Semple
He asked if I could come to the composium.
After thinking about it for a while, figuring out how to get in London, a sleeping place, ... I made the step.

I also found out this was the perfect upportunity to do a new life experience and I'm the kind of guy that likes to say 'YES' to initiatives like this.

I took the Eurostar Saturday morning and checked out London a bit.
I went to the meeting location, on the phone with James.
I ran into a person sitting there in front of a 'bar', said hi and the person told me "Hey... well, that's someone else you were calling, sorry..." and he went away. Actually this was very funny, since I was thinking James didn't have blond hair on his avatar on the forum... ofcourse not, since it wasn't James! After that I wanted to call James back and my SIM card was not working well. Everything was kind of a disaster at the moment, but a minute later my cellphone was working properly again, calling with James again... Went on a floor higher on the side of the building and there we met.

I said hi to everyone and from that point it was chatting about stuff you can't chat about on a regular day.
Seriously, if you are a composer that wants to get it all working out come to the next composium.
It's amazing how much fun and experience sharing you can have on such an evening.
Most people I met at the composium do alot of different things in the music scene as well, which makes it even more interesting.
After the chatting and drinks we said goodbye to a few people that had to leave, went to a lovely restaurant (nice choice Marie-Anne!) and had another awesome time.

For me personally it was an awesome experience.
I even have to say it gave me a motivation boost as a musician!

I am very proud of all the people that made the step to join the composium.
I can't wait for the next composium, hopefully see you all again and meet some new composers as well!!!

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  • Thomas, I stayed in the UK until the 20th, 8 days this time that seemed like 8h!! Hope next time time doesn´t fly that quick and we all can chat a bit more!
  • Thank you for the review Thomas, much appreciated. We also now have a Facebook group for the Composium. I'm thinking the next UK Composium will be in January to fight the post-Xmas blues. Hope to see even more people there (plus the ever-welcome regulars!)
  • Thanks Yaiza, but that also counts for you for joining.
    How long did you actually stay in England?
  • You are so right. The composium was awesome and I met such nice people there. So much useful information and hopefully made a lot of new friends. I havn't stopped listening to everyones music. So much talent out there.
  • Such a nice review Thomas. I think it was really brave and sweet of you to come join the Composium. It was great to meet you and a great inspiration too! It´s always a pleasure to share about music with other composers, it helps renew one´s energies and point of view!
  • "I even have to say it gave me a motivation boost as a musician!" Thomas, I totally agree!
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