for all Arabic/ Oriental music lovers

Starting 2020 with a big announcement for all oriental music lovers across the globe!
My book "Longa & Sama'i with piano accompaniment" is finally ready!
Chosen pieces from the wide Arabic classical repertoire, in addition to some works of contemporary Lebanese composers (9 longas and 9 Samai'), arranged for solo instrument and piano accompaniment (can be performed with piano and bass as trio as well), by the Lebanese composer Wajdi Abou Diab, with transposed/arranged parts for Oud, Violin, Instruments in C (Treble, Alto and Clef), in Bb, in A, in G, in F, in Eb, and in D.

This book aims to put some pieces from the classical Arabic repertoire in a form that can be presented in any classical chamber music concert along with the occidental repertoire, willing to give the Arabic music the opportunity to be performed more often by any professional musician, regardless his musical background and languages, and to occupy a status in the program of the chamber music concerts worldwide.

You can listen to the pieces in my youtube channel using this link…

And purchase online using this link

Hard copies will be available soon in Lebanon82966662_10162784180930103_823171344597254144_n.jpg81938094_10162784181135103_7395485160277278720_n.jpg82982520_10162784181375103_3189733736698609664_n.jpg82809713_10162784182135103_722269304250171392_n.jpg82042165_10162784181490103_3064775060540620800_n.jpg82505608_10162784182680103_5159478087368310784_n.jpg82459829_10162784182860103_3967179158655598592_n.jpg82018989_10162784182550103_2419711306719297536_n.jpg

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  • Dear victor, I will add some preview pictures here!

    And yes I choose pieces with only half-ton, one ton, and one tone and half, no 3 quarters tons! many Arabic scales don't include the microtonals, as hijaz, nakriz, ajam, nahawand, hijazkar.... 


  • Intriguing.

    1. sheetmusicplus gives 6 pages of preview but none of them have music. That's not terribly helpful.
    2. Did you choose pieces that have none of the Arabic micro-intervals or did you smooth it out? I've played Oud & Saz (& a little Ney) in a middle eastern ensemble and basically every piece had this half-flat or half-sharp notes. Except the ones in Hijaz.
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