First Fugue

Im just starting my first fugue as a project in counterpoint. Does anyone have any experience in this area who could offer some suggestions before I get started (since all I have at this point is my subject)?
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  • First fugue, go ahead with the challenge :-). I've been on and off working on one myself.
  • Thanks for your experience! I always enjoy hearing about other composer's experiences and I'll also definately check out Hindemith's fugue mentioned
  • if you interested in more "modern" fugues, you should study "Ludus tonalis" from Hindemith
  • Great to see you exploring various musical styles.
  • I've actually already written the exposition as of this morning but there seems to be little direction as far as the episodic development. Nowhere have I read about a recapitulation or conclusion to the fugue.

  • I studied counterpoint for 2 years early on in my studies but know only a little about Messiaen. I have written canons, inventions, and other polyphonic works but a fugue is more complex and my intention is to use it as a movement for a larger work. Most of my studies on Messiaen are regarding harmony.
  • what experiences or studies do you have in counterpoint? do you know the meaning of Messiaen about the importance of fugue for music of today?
  • In trying to be as versitile as possible as a composer I strive to learn all forms (even though I know the fugue is technically not a form). I find the conversation between voices beautiful and since it is so different from the other music I write I wanted to focus on my weaker areas and areas of less experience.
  • why fugue?
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