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Happy to get accepted here at Composer's Forum and while I am not sure what it is all about I think I will sort it out. Seems like a place for me to share some of mt experiments with my M-Audio Keystation 32 and my VST collections, rather than my more rock and roll and folky stuff that I now host at another site more suited for those types of songs (although I have been told that is welcome here as well, so look out). Not a trained musician and never even learned the guitar until I was almost 25. But I can come up with things somebody may appreciate and I often find the trained people are the most receptive to what we amateurs come with up. Listen to everything from Eno to Black Sabbath and from Loreena McKennitt to Johhny Cash. Something has to come bubbling up from those influences that is a tad interesting.

Immediate goal might be to tighten up my performance on guitar, bass and my keyboard, though i am not a keyboardist. I would like to be able to do the basic chords better (like C,F,G or A,D,E) and know a scale or two better, the way I do on guitar. Right now mostly guess work and accidents. But that can work out too I suppose.

Will try to check into what others are doing and if I am able to offer some worthy comments I certainly will.


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  • thanks Bob, I get that sense of things here. I listened to a piece of yours while I was awaiting approval actually. I will have to explore what is up here. I am already finding there is much ore variety than I first thought and I do not have to be Mozart or Philip Glass after all.
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