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My name is Tamara Weessies. So Hyun Jung is my Korean name, which I use as a composer. I am a professional recorder player from Amsterdam, Holland. I teach a lot, play in an ensemble, mainly Renaissance music, and am composing. Although I haven't composed a lot yet, I really am happy to join this site. My main goal right now as a composer is religious music and traditional music, mainly the Balkan. I also love polyfonic music, which is why I also love playing Renaissance music, I guess.

Currently I am thinking about a piece for 3 recorders, minimal. It should contain 3 parts.

Right now I am getting to know this, and seeing how this all works. So, if any of you can help me out, it would be great!! Also, I would like to share a lot of blogs with you all, in order maybe to get some advises.

Well, I will write again soon!!


So Hyun Jung


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  • I look forward to hearing your music.  I myself am a big fan of Monteverdi's 1610 Vespers as well as Music for Duke of Lerma, along with more traditional Gregorian chant.  Welcome!
  • Hi Tamara,I live in greece and i love balkan music too.Welcome to the forum.
  • Hi, Eliana!!

    Nice that you do that!! I think I should be doing something like that as well!!
  • Glad to meet you. I too love Balkan music. I dance in a balkan dance group every Tuesday evening. I love the rhythms.
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