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I've always loved music and about a year ago I decided to give composing music a shot. I had no idea as to whether I would actually be able to put even a simple piece of music together and so when searching for the right software to use, I wasn't going to spend a huge amount of money. After trying out a few demos, I decided to start with Finale Allegro (the smaller version of the real thing) and for a while it did the job. The more I put music together, the more I'm seeing the limits of the software (and the more I'm being told it's not good enough to be working with). This leaves me with a bit of a problem as the more I try and work my way around the vast world of software/technology (and all the lingo I pretend to understand), the more I move towards the horizon of my capabilities! Even though I have more writing to do before it fully warrents stepping the technology up a gear, I think it's about time I considered a new way.


For those of you who have had any experience with Finale Allegro, perhaps someone could make some suggestions about some steps I can take to move on and improve the sound of my work so far. I don't think my work is anywhere near good enough to be going ahead with getting the best notation software and I'm not really looking to spend much (if any) money.


Perhaps this is something for me to keep pondering over the next few months. You are welcome to advise and ponder with me!




Beth Patterson

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Comment by Doug Lauber on February 12, 2011 at 9:22pm
What you do with your time, energy, and cash, is a matter of priorities. As you use your limited tools, you should be making mental notes about what works and what doesn't. For example, some of the virtual instruments I have, are excellent and appproach 'realism', while others fall far short. I avoid using the bad instruments. Know what your tools can do, BEFORE you compose, rather than writing an oboe part for a bad virtual instrument.

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