Fiddling and Juggling

Wow. I've just realised that I've been neglecting to post on my blog for almost as long as I've been learning to juggle. And I've become reasonably competent at that, so that says it all. :)At the moment I'm also juggling my time, between setting up new gear and learning it, continuing my course, networking, doing my pretend job (the one that pays the bills) and being a dad. I'm preparing to get involved (I hope) in a documentary project that may be coming my way. It has an environmental theme and involves Kazakhstan. I've been looking at photos of the country online, and I have to say it's rather beautiful. Should be plenty to inspire me there (forget EVERYTHING you have seen in Borat).I'm hoping to get a singer in on this one as well, as there is at least one montage section planned, which needs a song. I have been experimenting with some unusual mixes of ethnic instruments, i.e. hurdy gurdy plus banjo and upright bass, with occasional lines on the fiddle. I rather like the result, but time will tell what ends up getting used.In other news, I am budgeting for a new controller keyboard in February some time, plus a second monitor screen, a mic pre-amp (quite important for recording vocals, ahem...) and (fingers crossed the budget is enough) - Omnisphere (praise be unto Spectrasonics, may they live for ever).Signing off for tonight, more soon!PeaceMikeP.S. Phew! Managed to avoid mentioning Avatar. Oh, wait...
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  • Oh boy! Chris that sounds like heaven to me :) I wish all the best in your new location and every success. What an amazing idea for a facility - I hope I can wind up somewhere like that some day...
  • Hey that's interesting Chris! I don't have a project in mind but it's good to know anyway. By the way, a quick newsflash - my CD should be done by Easter. You'll get a copy ASAP then!

    Atlanta! Ah, Six Flags Over Georgia...
    Sorry, is my rollercoaster anorak showing? :|
  • Thanks, guys! Hey Chris, you don't play duduk, do you? :)
  • Good luck with the project....congrats on avoiding mentioning avatar
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