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  • Thanks Matthew for your comments. For notation I use finale 2011, vienna software, strings and orchestra, Kontakt 3 for sequencing . I hope this is usefull
  • I like "Mistake Too Many"...very compelling work!
  • What do you use as your sound set?  What do you use for notation software?  What do you use for sequencing?


    Sorry for all of the questions.....

  • Emily:  Thankyou so much for your comments, they mean a lot to me,Thanks again ,Larry
  • Larry,

    Very nice for a film score.  I liked the way "Mistake too Many" builds up in emotion.  Good sound all around.

  • Thanks Henri for your comments, not sure what exactly you're refering to, perhaps it's the combining of the harp and piano not sure, Thanks,Larry
  • Very good stuff.

    the piano (and strings at some times) sounds kinda weird to my ears in the "Mistake too Many 20 1". I don't exactly know why.

    Thanks for sharing!


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