Evening Twilight - Instrumental

This is an attempt on a instrumental song.. I wanted to make it very atmospheric and relaxing. So one can have it on as background music :)


I did played around with different sounds. It might be to boring? Or perhaps the music sounds makes it messy.. Not sure.. 


Hope you like it :)

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  • @Ray I do use Reason from propellerheads. I use Record to record my voice. Integrating in reason I also mix the song. Not so much experience with the latter. But I slowly pick up advices and suggestions when I create songs. So I feel I am developing :)

    @Phillip Thanks a lot. I understand what you mean :) i think I will have another look at the song, since I have let it rest a little :)

  • I liked this music and I don't think it's actually boring but it sounds like you're not totally satisfied with it. Maybe you need to experiment a little more, take some chances to give it more edge. Even though it's ambient music it still needs to contain enough interesting, subtle elements so that the listener will discover something new in it when they listen or half listen to it again. 

    Good work!


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