These have been published elsewhere on CF but I thought some members might be interested in (and perhaps comment on) the contrast and appeal of these two arrangements. The American piece has been improved somewhat thanks to Bob Porter's input, for which many thanks.


(American) ;

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  • Thank you Tim. I'll reload the link to the American Suite and see what happens. Intelligent listening enabled you to pick up on the interplay and overlapping of three different tunes at F....I don't know quite how I found that these would work together - perhaps just a stroke of luck, but am pleased with the result.

    I too have thought about arranging them for wind band but I always find the lack of strings demands greater skill to maintain interest and variety - a difficult task (for me anyway), but I'll bear it in mind and perhaps bite the bullet.

    I am always surprised and delighted when people like you go to the trouble of listening to, and commenting on, my music...I'm very grateful, thank you.

    Herewith the new link:

    Orchestra: American Folk Song Suite No. 1 - Download Sheet Music PDF
    Orchestra: American Folk Song Suite No. 1 by Stephen Lines. Written for Orchestra with a duration of 7 mins. Purchase, download and print sheet music…
  • Stephen,

    First, the link to the American Suite didn't work.  I found it through the original post, but this one couldn't be found.

    I liked both of these.  Your English Suite had a very "British" feel to it which suited the material well.  (Think, Elgar-ish, Vaughn Williams-ish, Grainger-ish)  Well done.

    I liked the selection of songs used in the American Suite.  The interplay starting at letter F of the multiple songs was nicely done.  I have to admit, the entire time I felt this would work better as a concert band piece.  It just seemed to have that type of feel to me.  (Possibly an arrangement?)

    In both you managed to add a uniqueness to the melodies that made them enjoyable to hear again.

    Well done!

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