Simple field recording with the Armenian Duduk.

And of course, waiting for your comments.
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  • Throw it away Chris, see what happens ......:0) Gives you a lot of space for other creativity, i know !!
  • Hi Chris
    yes, i send Herman an e-mail today. I hope he can help me out with it.
    I thought so that it would not be easy to learn to play the duduk, but i just want to :0).
    Live just gives more expression and emotion to a piece or score.
    About computers and stuff, sell your early works as new pieces for the future. i mean new stuff in stead of old pieces to your customers (does it make sence?) (i can explain my self better in Dutch than in English, sorry ;0))
  • Hi James, thanks. Gonna get in touch with him
    Cheers Arthur
  • Arthur you really need to get in touch with Herman Witkam on this forum. He's a serious Duduk player and I think he's in Holland.
  • Hi Chris, Thanks and yes, unfortunately it was made with the EWQL but i love that amazing romantic sound. For some time now i'm looking for a Duduk here in Holland. But nothing. I WANT to play that real instrument. It has everything. Were did you buy your Duduk?
    I looked on Ebay, but there are some for sale from Armenia for around 30 dollars and other far over that price, around 200 dollars. I have no idea what the best move for me is. do you?
    Cheers Arthur (oh, and you find the solution for you reinstalling gigastudio problem?)
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