Daws, Sound Libraries and Music Notation

I currently mostly use Sibelius notation software. For creating demos, these samples are not great. You can get plugins, but this is limited. What is a more effective/efficient way of creating demos?

So far the most promising thing I've found is Dorico, though I don't know much about that yet.

Perhaps there can be some compatibility between Cubase and a more sophisticated notation system.

Please share your thoughts!

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  • Hi Hugh,

    I use Finale and have done so for about 10+ years. Before NotePerformer, its sound output was somewhat weak, but it is now much better with NotePerformer. Before NP became available last year for Finale, it only worked with Sibelius, so I downloaded Sib and NP. While NP does as good a job in Sib as it now does in Finale, I found the basic Sib engine to be not very good. Simple, fundamental things like triplets and trills sounded bad to me. Admittedly I was new to Sib and may have missed something in how to do it better, but I gave up on Sib because I felt that I shouldn't have to try so hard to get it to work on the basics. I'm not claiming that Fin+NP=same as live performance, but that is not my goal. I just want an output file good enough that a live performer would be able to listen to it and get an idea of how the piece should sound if performed. I recently had a string quartet performed by a professional group, and the feedback from them was that the soundfiles are pretty good.

    Best in your search,



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