"Conversation with Composer Bob Morabito"

Hi, everyone--I hope the New Year is going really good for you and yours so far :)

If you have a chance, there's a blog post about my composing entitled "Conversation with Composer Bob Morabito" that you hopefully might find interesting:


The conversation is with Janne Nummela .

Thanks so much, and have a GREAT day! Bob

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  • Thank you Colin and please excuse my very late reply.

    I start from some simple figure I come up with. I use Notation software, and keep everything very loose and free so I dont get myself trapped "inside the box".

    Each idea give birth to something else,and reveals more of exactly what this piece will be about...sometimes it takes a while, but once I have this key Im free to go anywhere or do anything in the piece as long as it has some of this key in it.

    And the way to go from "writing tunes" to a more out of the box kind of writing, to me is to first choose a piece of music that sounds like the kind of music you want to write, and then see what ingredients are used there that are missing in your recipe of the music you;re writing now....

    and  always ask the question "What if i..?" and try different things.

    Thanks so much fr your kind interest Colin and again Im sorry for the late reply.


  • Hi Bob

    Interesting conversation. I've actually wondered how you compose - where/how do you start, how do you work out what comes next, the apparent lack of any fixed structures and so on. I can see why JN raises the algorithmic/spectral question - I had wondered about that but dismissed that idea. 

    I listened to a bit of Scelsi on You Tube - it's way out there on the edge. How does one go from writing "tunes" to something like that? You would really need to apprehend music very differently.

    Thanks, Colin

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    Thanks for sharing Bob,

    I found it an interesting insight into your compositional style!



    Thanks so much Gav--very kind of you! :)



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