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  • Congratulations Greg!  Well deserved.

    But I wonder why  the level of prize money from composers competitions is often so ridiculously low? I consider

    $ 100:-  to be almost like an insult. I cannot imagine that it would have been a big deal for them to pay you at least 1000 $:- ( or better: $5000:-). Everyone knows ( including the organizers of competitions) that composers are usually not particularly wealthy.  

  • Beer isn't even alcohol.

  • Virtual rounds are a great thing, they go easier on the liver in the long run :)

  • Thanks Ray!  You know me well enough to realize that I won't give up just because the first path seems to be blocked.  I'm learning all kinds of NEW organizational skills now!  Word of advice to all who wish to support new music:  Don't try to send prize money from NC to Poland using a wire transfer from your bank! 

    Excuse me, I must go now to book a flight to Cracow to deliver the goods to Greg in person.   That is, if our Plan B of PayPal doesn't work.  A good composer always finds a second theme.  Haha.

    So Greg will no doubt meet you at the Virtual Pub after all and buy the first round!

  • An excerpt from a conversation that followed:

    Hey Greg-

    I just talked to my bank - it would cost $110 USD to send you $100 in PLN.   In other words you would owe me $10 at the end of the transaction.

    So basically, no drinks for you, Ray!

This reply was deleted.