Choral Conductors Video Parody

During my studies at Academy we also had conducting class which was manly based on choral conducting, since the majority of slovenian music culture is basically choir singing and wind-brass bands. Ever since medical student's choir persuaded my hidden and feared wish to be a conductor I have also tried myself in this role as well, so I have to say that by now I am quite experienced conductor, but don't want to compare myself to anyone else, because there are sooooo many wonderful conducters in this world that I know I will never beat and am gratefull to have a chance to work with them and thank God, they exist to make the best musical instrument ever invented-THE VOICE-sound as it deserve. I really love choir singing and every aspect of music where voice is included. I think voice is the ultimate instrument when working properly and that everybody should have  a chance to experience that.

Nevertheless the subject, here is a video that I have found on YouTube that made me laugh. It's about things that choral conductors say and do during practices and have to admit, some really are true-that's based on what I've experienced, heard and seen so far :)

Hope it mades your day as it did my! Enjoy watching!


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  • right? :)

  • A heck of a lot funnier that watching Rowan Atkinson. How does one write a trapezoidal vowel, or do they just pass?

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