Today was a good day, I made progress on my magnum opus, my lovely piano concerto that I started planning out months ago (no key signature yet, I'll see where my harmony takes me)!

Though in particular, the 2nd movement.

It starts on a low D (much like a Satie waltz) and then goes into the B below mid c + an f# (in 3/4) 

then much like a satie waltz it goes down to D again, and hits B + G, but in two higher octaves of the piano, it hits parallel F#'s . So now we have a really pretty G Major7 chord minus the 5th outlined. 

Continuing on the pattern with those F#'s moving around and then further down the piano I will somehow change the key sig for 2 #'s , adding in a G - C# dissonance, with then my G resolving into a G# creating a perfect fifth, also, I now have a minor 7th chord outlined if said pattern continues (but with the low note being c# instead of g#) 

orchestration - so far a full strings section, 2 bassoons (or 1), 3 clarinets, 2 flutes, an oboe or 2. trumpets, trombones, and horns. 

For this movement in particular I feel that a foray into the sad instruments; mid to low strings (except high cellos and basses) bassoon, and the clarinet + flute stolen from the rach piano concerto 2 will suffice. 

harmonic map:
G major (7) - B Major and then G diminished - B Major added 6th/G Minor 7th - G Major 7 resolving to GM
G Major - D Major - A Major - G major

Also, currently my jam:

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