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  • I think his name is Petros Andreou, on a 4 course instrument.

    I didn't even notice it was performed on the original tonality-it's a very respectable choice, considering the culture of plucked instruments and folk musicians in general.

    Personally, I'd choose to use a different tuning, if possible, to accommodate said tonality. 

    That guy seems to be a guitarist, mainly, but there are a few recordings on the bouzouki too.

  • Nicely played!

    I liked the phrasing and the sensitivity of the player which lets the melodic ideas to breathe freely and to interconnect as well as the decision to remain in the original tonality (G major), which makes some 8ve replacements necessary for the instrument but not too many.

    I myself would probably have chosen another key (that's only me though  ;-) ).

    Is this a 4 course bouzouki?

    Who is the performer?

    My only wondering is whether a trill should be added on all doted quavers that conclude with downward arpeggios some phrases(?)

    Some performers on cello and mandoloncello prefer to do so.

    Congratulations, looking forward to listen to some more pieces from the solo suites on bouzouki.

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