At war with the computer

I have a quite capable machine as my main DAW, recent quadcore processor, loads of  RAM, great RME soundcard so for a while I have been living without any real workflow problems like for example having to bounce tracks or working with unacceptable latency.

Of course this made me overconfident because when I was setting up a new orchestral template I was not holding back in any way. One after the other massive multisample got loaded in, spiced with the necessary convolution reverbs and whatever else I felt like throwing in.

Final result : burning harddisks, dropped notes, RAM maxed out and a composer spending 2 days tweaking this monster template to something that actually works while trying to keep himself from ordering extra memory or the latest fastest hard disks.


The moral of the story, as I found out yet again for the millionth time in more than a decade of making music  : it doesn't matter how powerful your new system is , within a year you will find a way to max it out again.

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  • So today I got a nice package in the mail and upgraded the daw. 16 GB of memory seems to do the trick for now. Armistice...
  • This would be a good suggestion Adam but I do have a RME hdsp card in my main daw which has native asio drivers that are far superior to asio4all.

    My issues are mostly me trying too much at the same time, I already decided to double my memory, upgrade to faster harddisks and possibly start to use a secondary computer if things get more serious. I initially used my current setup for producing electronic music which is in my case mostly synth work so that doesn't eat that much ram, mostly cpu. Now I'm also doing orchestral music and I have to deal with these massive multisamples and my daw wasn't originally built to deal with those ( although it handles them quite well still )

  • Just a thought... try ASIO4ALL here.. it could solve some of your issues. Hope it helps. Cheers
  • 'Loads' is 8GB , which starts to look like a lot less than loads... When I installed it it seemed like overkill though, oh how young and naive I was :D

    I am on windows 7 64 bit and my processor is still happy with my musical adventures but it's clearly the harddisks and RAM that is 'lacking'. So SSD is certainly on the list now, at this moment I found a good compromise between quality and usability in the orchestral template but as soon as another library like LASS comes along I will need to get faster drives and more memory, it's a neverending story...

    And I also have come to the concl


  • It's actually one of the main reasons why I never switched to mac , fashionable thing to do or not. A pc is a lot easier and cheaper to upgrade which always has to happen sooner than you expected because you really want to use that new trillion gig sample library with real time coughing audience generator :D
  • And it is more relevant with apples mac pros... I have one too and after a year I find myself way back in configs...!!!! Still I love macs for their interface....
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