Any Composers know of any composition gigs?

Hey all. I was hoping to get some outside, real world experience in composing for films and other venues. I was wondering if any of you have advice as to where I could start exploring this realm of composition? I really would like others to use my music and for me to be sought after. I know it seems selfish, but I really get a self-esteem boost when my music is performed by others.
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  • You can always try and find a game modding group, I have gained much of experience from there.
  • I would find enjoyment in music, actually I have many good times enjoying music, but I guess is true that the real artists as ourselves are the ones who practically starve enjoying the music we create. I know I've been blessed with a talent as many of us have, but I have to keep an eye on my health as I have a slight case of cerebral palsy in which case the physical and mental motor skills are a bit delayed. This prevents me at times from making any sort of personal contact from anybody who is conncected with this. I sometimes whether my love for music is worth the suffering that I have yet to endure as you other composers have already had to endure. I'm still in it for my B.A., but not sure if it's even worth it. To me, I know it's not just about the money, but I feel that I won't be able to create music unless I survive. Thank God of the technology emphasis I'm taking in addtion to composition or else, I'd be in a world of hurt just based on what you've had to go through. I will be starting tech lessons (i.e. mixing, synthesis, MIDI sound, etc.) next year as part of my double emphasis degree. In fact, I'm pretty sure the first job I'll do will be either working as a receptionist at a studio and gradually move up the ladder maybe to being an engineer, or working the sound for local artists or even church services. The tech part of my major does come with an internship. So that's something to at least look forward to, if not hope for. I've learned to stop hoping for things because I see sometimes what that gets or doesn't get me. It got me into the music dept. at Cal State. Let's see where else I go from here.
  • What are the best alternatives for looking for composition-related work other than film scoring?
  • Thanks for your advice. I'll check them out. This gig is not really about the money, more about expanding my experience, which I want to do badly so I could stop feeling so awkward as to where I'm going in the future as opposed to where I am now being merely a struggling composition student.
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