A level results and uni

Well I got ABBC in my A level results today! If your not from England then A levels are what you do when your from about 16-18 years old, if you choose to go to college. I only needed 3 C's to get onto the course I am doing in September, which is of course 'Music Composition.' 3 years of writing music here I come! Hopefully i get alot better and will eventually get closer to writing music that would be viable for commercial products like TV and video games if i'm super lucky. Can't wait!!! Plus cos i got quite good grades I get a scolarship, so I will be able to buy some better software and tech with the extra money hopefully. Woop woop!


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  • The decision was based completly on the course and how it fitted in with what I want to do. Its not the most prestigious uni and I had offers from better ones in terms of the entry requirments, but I found that ones with higher requirments were far too classical based for me. I have done an extremly classical focused A-level, which has taught me more than I could have imagioned, but has also left me still with not much experience in other areas. Coventry offered a really open-ended approach to what they teach you and what music you write, whilst still retaining focus, so it seemed pretty perfect for me. I think choosing a uni is alot like buying a house. Sometimes you walk into the house and you just know this is the one, and I got that feeling at my open day at Coventry more than anywhere else.

    Another bonus to going to a uni with low entry requirements is that im probably going to get an academic scholership, YAY!!!!
  • Congratulations Ian. But why are you going to study music composition at a university that will accept 18 points when you have 32 to splash around?
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