A Haunted Landscape

Harry Crumb.

I WISH I could get away with what George Crumb has done.   I think it has something to do with the fact that Crumb is a ninja in more traditional forms and styles, so he can back up his audacity.

His tonal language is mind-blowing.  If ANYONE else did this, it would be laughable.  George Crumb makes it artistic.  It is so well done, that the listener is forced to swallow the newness of it.  There are traditional elements that splattered with new tonal landscapes.  There are instruments in groups that create truly original textures.  In a word:  Brilliant.

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  • Fixed it.....turned all the Harrys into Georges

  • LOL!!!!!!!!

    Yes, of course I meant George and not Harry!!!!!!  That is hilarious!

    I love John Candy, but not as contemporary composer......

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