8 year old girl composer

I've seen loads of amazing children prodigy videos on YouTube, all kinds of talents and all amazing on its own, but since I really love music I see musical talents in a different way. And today I came accross a 8-year old composer and I really like her. I like the fact that she says she can hear music when she's in the bed and relaxed. I remember when I was about her age and even when I was younger I heard loads of different kinds of music, I composed loads of music in my mind, I imagined myself dancing in beautiful clothes on my music. But, unfortunatelly I didn't have the same resources to write down the music. At that time I barely knew what whole note was, how was I able to write all the instruments in symphonic orchestra, I'm just learning how to do this now! So kudos for her.


If you look at this example from the point of view when you say, wow-how amazing, she is 8 and she writes all that music then it's amazing that she is able to do what she does at such young age. Some would probably say, she is good with it now, what will happen later on, she'll be more amazing or some would say she probably won't accomplish much after this, some would say, she is writing too classical for this time, that's a "pase", she should write music which relates to this century. 

Tell you what! At this moment the music she is writing is music of her own time, she is experiencing what has been written in previous centuries and she is reflecting it into her own music. I think if someone would show and give that girl means of "modern" compositions she'd find a new way, a new sound a make it into something amazing. I really do hope she doesn't gets stuck only into those olden times and that music would only become an inspiration and a good school to her and that she finds her own musical language. There are soooooo many possibilities in this world and in music that it would be a waste if she wouldn't experience it all and absorbe as much as she can. She is still young, so she'll probably have plenty of time to find loads of interesting things out. 

I don't know how is it with you, but when comming to facts like, if I am a composer and if she is a composer I don't care if she is 8 or 80, for me she is a composer and I see it in that way. The only difference is that she is younger and she'll have a bit more time to develope, but even that isn't neccessary. If we're open to things and treat everything the same regardless of time, age, color, beliefs, sex etc., then everybody has the same shot in life, because where there is a will possibilities are wast and roads are open for many of things.

And here is the site of this girl I've been telling you about: http://www.almadeutscher.com/reviews/

And her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlmaDeutscher

Now, tell me what do you think? I really want to know!

Oh, and one more issue I forgot to mention-do you think it's all her or do you think parents also have a big influence on this matter, are they the ones who shot her into the media? If you'd be her parent, would you done the same thing or would you encourage her only in your home, not outside of it??

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