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  • East West Quantum Leap Movie Score Competition

Explained: The Movie Score Competition was based on the concept that I had to create a composition for a two minute animated movie short created by Zennor Alexander this past June.


Explained: A Christmas song I wrote for the Men of Harmony Mens Choir for their Cantata, but later was determined that it would not be used.

  • Christmas Cantata Overture "ONE"

Explained: This overture was originally written just for piano and was only about 1:40 in length. I re-wrote this by the composer's request from Nashville TN, Joie Vann. She wrote the Cantata "ONE" for the Men of Harmony. The composer told me to just re-write it and "surprise her" with orchestration. All samples were done using the Korg Triton Studio Keyboard with Orchestral Modules. I plan on re-writing this using EWQL Software.

  • The Introduction

Explained: I wrote this piece one night just for the fun of it and I am not sure why it exists :-)

  • All Creatures of Our God and King

Explained: This piece was originally performed from a Contemporary Christian Pianist, Dino. It was strictly a piano solo. I have always loved his arrangements and always loved this hymn. So I took it so I could have my orchestra with me since I used to play this at church. As soon as I put my orchestral accomp track with it, I have been asked to play this time and time again. I hope that you enjoy it too.

  • Gameday 2007 Theme

Explained: Twice a year, my buddies and I host a good size LAN party. We usually have a 24 hour gaming "geek" event. We play Call of Duty 2, Unreal Tournament, Star Wars Battlefront II, Flight Simulator X just to name a few. So usually the guys as me to put together a Movie Trailer of all the games and compose music for it. We post it on our web site to get everyone pumped up for the big day and usually play it several times throughout.

  • Panis Angelicus

Explained: I was always amazed by the grace and beauty of this Liturgical Piece. I heard Charlotte Church sing this and one day came across the music written for Piano and Violin. I then did this small orchestration just recently. Still not 100% satisfied with its results, so it will soon be updated.

  • Choral Fantasy - Beethoven

Explained: What can I say....its perfection. Its Beethoven. The piece is not finished obviously so I have a long way to go.

Please feel to email me or write me with any comments or suggestions with the music heard here.

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