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Right, well I've been a little busy but the other day I got some new studio furniture and I thought I'd update my blog here again.

So far, we've seen how as far as building the walls. Today we'll look at the roof.

First, we need to add the frame for the roof base.

Then the actual roof frame is built. As you can imagine this is a serious job and you should hire a professional. We considered a flat roof but the pitched roof has proven useful. Part of the venting system is up there and there's a fair amount of storage space as well.

At this point, the timber frame was covered in boards of plywood and roofing felt.

Unfortunately, the next pic is taken from a while later. We had the entire building rendered (this is the first coat) and then put shingles on the roof.

We felt that the shingles looked less obtrusive than tiles. I hear they're quite popular in the US but they're not used that often over here. Anyway, I think they look great.

So, all this work and there's still loads to do: -

1. Build a door

2. Add guttering and drainage

3. Finish the rendering

4. Run in lines for power and telecoms

5. Decorate and soundproof the interior (floors, walls, lighting, etc)

As you can see by now, this is a serious project. At this point I think we'd been working for maybe 6 months.

Still, all's well that ends well and the studio is certainly proving popular. We had a studio-warming party over the weekend and people were very impressed. It's also incredibly inspiring to have a dedicated writing area!

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