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I have recorded demo versions of six songs for the album, but because I was singing along quietly I've ended up choosing keys that work when I'm singing quietly. Therefore some of them are a bit too low for me to sing properly. I wonder how many other songwriters fall into that trap?

Anyway, what it means is that I need to re-do three of them. They are in various forms on my digital recording workstation (which is currently just a laptop): some of the instrumental parts were recorded in MIDI, so that's the easiest case - highlight the part, click on "transpose" - job done :) However, others were recorded only as audio (because I was feeling lazy and keeping the MIDI tracks as well takes a little more effort). These must be re-done, and I expect it to take a few hours at least. But I have to do it tonight because I want to record the "proper vocals" this weekend (my neighbours are away, so it's the best opportunity not to annoy them!)

No sleep for the wicked, eh?

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