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A couple of weeks ago I bought a new Mac Pro. Great, a really amazing machine. Since then, nearly every waking moment has been consumed with the momentous task of moving my Cubase setup from my PC to the Mac.

Now, I'm a complete Mac OS newb so this has been quite the learning curve. Also I'm aware that I'm trying to get a lot of software working together.

So Cubase 4.1 should be my first install but it isn't really because before I can do that I need to install the Syncrosoft Licence Control Centre software and this is the crux of the matter because there is a significant amount of authorisation involved in moving software.

I believe that I installed somewhere like 25 products, of which some were over 3-4 discs, some even more.

For each product I needed to install, register, authorise and patch/update. Even though the products were already registered before, they often needed to be re-registered (and I'm using the same dongles).

Then there were teething troubles due to certain versions being incompatible with Leopard (especially iLok drivers) but eventually pretty much everything was working. Interestingly, the famous problems with the VST wrappers for Trilogy and Atmosphere were a complete non-event with both products working first time.

I did lose a couple of Voxengo plugins although I'm told that they will be ported at some point.

I also added a couple of new products, Waves Native Power Pack and Vienna Instruments Special Edition and the Vienna Ensemble. Also I've installed a new Firewire Audio Interface (a Saffire Pro 10 i/o).

During this time I've managed to sort out numerous issues like: -

- Apple Wireless Keyboard is simply inappropriate for Cubase ... bought a wired keyboard.
- One of my monitors simply will not set it's resolution correctly ... new monitor.
- iLok wouldn't authorise Waves products ... new drivers solved that one
- Lots of problems recognising samples because all 3 hard drives had been given the same name... Renaming the samples drive sorted that out.
- Plenty of minor and cosmetic issues that were based on software versions or paths set incorrectly.

I'm now left with two issues, one that I can't solve and one I'm hoping I can.

The first issue is that the Saffire plugins that come with the Saffire Pro are only VST 2.3 and Cubase 4 only supports VST 2.4 or later. Oh well, apparently Saffire are going to upgrade them at some point anyway.

The second, more troubling, issue is that some of my old PC projects are not opening on my Mac.

I can honestly say that this didn't occur until I installed Vienna Instruments and Vienna Ensemble and I'm pretty sure that a project that had opened before now no longer opens however I'm not convinced that the fault lies with either of these.

The loading issues are either an infinite load problem or an actual Cubase crash (in one case). I'm still struggling to determine what exactly is causing this as some of my projects load without a problem and often these are huge complex projects.

So, tonight I'll be tracking down this problem, loading up instruments and plugins until I see a problem. I'll also work through my old projects to work out which ones load and which don't.

Still... in the end I'm sure it'll be worth it...

Oh and Appassionata Strings are very impressive!


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Comment by Mike Torr on April 13, 2008 at 8:42am
I'm another one about to move to Mac from PC. When I can afford my Mac Pro (which probably won't be until June now, worse luck), I know who to ask for advice! The iLok driver thing sounds a little worrying...

Would you mind mentioning which monitor you had trouble with? I'd like to make a note not to buy it.

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