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How is everyone doing today? I imagine everyone is starting to fast, in preparation for Thanksgiving's stuffing, self-stuffing.

I received an upgrade to Kontakt 3 a few days ago. Sounded terrible, but then I figured out the 'buffer size' was set a little too 'fast' and now it sounds great. (after going through every conceivable system option within Windows, Sonar, and MOTU's 828. I then spent a couple of hours playing K3's various samples. ..Who can get pleasure from triggering an orchestral bass drum sample? ...Well, people like you and me.

The downside of K3's library- a few samples were recorded with flaws- peaks that originally exceeded 0 db. The recordist adjusted them down AFTER the fact, so distortion is subtle but noticeable. I noticed this situation with a few of the percussive instruments, but most of the library is good. Also, some samples were recorded at too low a level. That's sort of a matter of taste. In general, I'm very happy with the overall library. I'll use this library mostly for standard orchestral arrangements. The horns sound fantastic. The strings sound great. (I don't know if it will be possible to do changes in bow direction) The kick drum with the rock drum samples is a joke- no oomph, low volume. The orchestral percussion sound pretty good, usable. The entire library is 33 gigs. I'm looking forward to auditioning the grand pianos, although I noticed that the fortissimo samples weren't full force, like you'd expect with music that will approximate a Beethovenesque pounding.

The new 'world' collection is VERY good, in case you're composing for the next Wes Anderson film in India film.

I'd like to start using K3 immediately, but I have a load of work to do, as I complete my Web site work. You can expect some new recordings from me in December. I'd love your feedback on my first orchestral overture.

Lately, I've rediscovered Brahms' Piano Quintet in F minor.
His use of counterpoint is awesome, although sometimes it's tough to handle all of that brooding...

Anyone know if the new Sonar is worth the upgrade? I still miss the 'easy to read' interface of the early Cakewalk Pro Audio versions. Maybe I can customize S6's interface to make it bigger, more easily readable.

It's finally cooling off a little in Arizona...

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