Two new tracks

I have added two new tracks to my music player. These are both orchestral, and written as part of an assignment for my course. The brief related to a computer game. "Trogmystique" is an ambient piece that progresses half way through to a slightly more tense and ominous feel. "Night and Fray" is a no-holds-barred battle scene.It's been fun creating some big orchestral sounds for a change, and I'm quite relieved to discover that my setup is capable of doing this (only just - I had to tweak some DFD settings and latency buffer sizes!) I feel very happy working with orchestral music now, and I look forward to the continuing process of learning, a highlight of which will be my attendance in October at the Steven Scott Smalley orchestration course in NYC. I am hoping to learn many valuable things there!
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  • Heh, yes of course - back to the music. I am on the Music For The Media course at the moment. I work in I.T. to pay the bills. I have a very varied musical heritage, consisting of a semi-classical start involving piano, organ, double bass and singing, a long stint playing keyboards in various bands in various styles and finally an interest in electronic music from my teens onward, all of which was in the melting pot before divorce and mid-life crisis sparked the mixture. I'm in mid-explosion. How about you?
  • That's excellent - thanks very much Pete! Am I right in thinking that this will work in some other sites too - basically anywhere that allows HTML in comments?
  • Hey thanks Pete, for your constructive comments - and for the advice about embedding the player. I didn't know how to do that. Is it a simple tag, or do I have to copy something fairly long into the text? If you have a link to a help page explaining it I'd be most grateful.
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