Acquiring gear, ..getting psyched!

Recently, I've been adding various gadgets to my small studio, with theidea of playing guitar in a band, which will do my original material.I want to put a band together It's been years since I was in a band.I've got a new Fender Hot Rod Deluxe combo amp, to compliment myMarshall and Peavey combos. I'm experimenting with playing throughtwo amps at once in stereo. Great sounding effects pedals includeRoger Mayer's Spitfire, Fuzz Face, Big Muff, Zvex Fuzz Factory,EH Small Stone, Electric Mistress, Deluxe Memory Man, Line 6 DL4 delay,Maxon OD808, LUTHER overdrive, and a few other assorted pedals.It is taking me a lot of time, sorting these effects combinations and...hopefully arriving at interesting and original guitar tones.I'll post some new music in the near future. Stay tuned. Doug
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