Tough Times and Video Games

So work has been scarce lately and I've been trying to reinvent myself... again. I've decided to go into business with my friend Michael Worth who is an excellent composer and orchestrator. I am trying to get him to join up here. We have been researching and writing music for the video game market. It certainly is as competetive as other areas but the people seem to be less jaded and the whole vibe is just not as smarmy as the TV/Film industry. I'm sure my heart will be broken just the same:-) but it does seem more fun right now.In any case, I have been spending more time with my old orchestration books and my copy of Platinum XP (while anxiously awaiting my copy of the Play upgrade:-) and doing some cues for a video game reel that Mike and I are putting together. Here's one example that I did recently. It's called "On the Beach."I'd be interested in any comments you might have. It's been a few years since I did full blown orchestral pieces so my chops are a little rusty.Later,Dan
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  • Dood!
    I just got a PS3 a couple of months ago. I got Ratchet and Clank which is pretty amazing and has some very funny rips from Lost in Space. I also have The new Grand Theft Auto but haven't had chance to get into it. I was a big Myst fan for a while but the clues got so arcane that I couldn't cope:-) I was into Halo for a while (as I'm sure you must be) but the problem with all of them is time! I could easily sit and lose 4-6 hours playing these things. But now, you know, it's at least for research:-0 Glad you like the music. As I said it's been a while and it sure is fun!
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