Some New Material - would like some feedback.

I've recently posted some new material.A couple of shorts that I did for the MFTM course:IndianapolisRaggae ElectronicaThey are both exactly 1 minute long and are meant to be looped.And also 4 new installments in a series I am working on based loosely on Tolkien's the SilmirillionThe DawnThe Long Road HomeCall to WarThe RefugeesAny feedback would be appreciated!Thanks.
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  • Ha! I was a keyboardist and on the smaller stages, the drummer's left crash was about 2 feet from my right ear!

    The synth should sync, but you MUST quantize the midi whole notes. Also, make sure there isn't a setting in the synth that you have to turn on to tell it to sync to host tempo.
  • On the Indy piece, I will simply tone down the cymbals. I guess I spent too many years on stage standing beside the drummer's crash cymbal :) In my subconscious, I think it has to rattle your fillings just to fit into the mix. LOL.
  • In the reggae piece, I have a synth part doing the chordal repetitions. I am just holding down whole and half notes and letting the synth do the work. Sounds like maybe it is not syncing exactly with the beat. I don't think I quantized it, but for that type of track and feel, it probably should be. ?? I believe that in Logic it syncs the synths exactly to the tempo. ??
  • Thanks, Chris! That is the kind of feedback I am looking for.
  • Yo! Great work! Some suggestions: The cymbals in Indy are too loud and present. Compare the mix to modern rock like Fallout Boy or whatever and you will notice that the crashes should be way back in the mix. Also I hear the master compressor pumping a little too much. Try compressing your individual instruments more and the master less. In the reggae one, it seems like it needs to be quantized, like there is some timing issues with the tinkly stuff.

    Some sound suggestions: BFD2 for drums. Amplitube2 for guitars and/or double and quadruple the parts.

    Hope that helps!

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