I sent this out to over 300 production and post companies, promising anonymity via Mister Poll.com; I got responses back in the high double digits, and have posted the data here. Please note that some of the questions could have more than one answer.


Is music a budget line item or consideration when you start a project?

75% Yes

25% No

What percentage of your budget does music generally amount to?

12% 20 percent or more

37% 10 percent

50% 5 percent or less

How often do you use original (composed) music or songs in your projects?

25% Always

37% Sometimes

25% Rarely

12% Never

If you don't use original music often, what is the main reason(s)?

37% Time constraints

50% Budget constraints

25% Don't want to bring more people into the creative process

12% Don't feel original music is that important

0% Don't understand how the process works

25% Doesn't apply to me

If you use songs, are you direct licensing from labels, publishers or licensing companies?

25% Yes

37% No

37% Doesn't apply to me

Do you use music from 'one-stop shop' companies like MusicSupervisor.com, Hostbaby.com or WhizBang for song/music licensing?

37% Yes

50% No

50% Use other company: Megatrax, 615, Pump Audio

12% Doesn't apply to me

How often do you use library music or tracks in your projects?

37% Always

25% Sometimes

12% Rarely

25% Never

If you are using library music or tracks, what aspect(s) appeal(s) to you most?

62% Large selection

50% Easy to find something quickly

25% Easy to budget for

62% Can download from the Web

12% Doesn't apply to me

If you are using library music or tracks, what aspect(s) do you dislike?

62% Quality of the music

25% Issues with editing the music to fit

25% Licensing and blanket costs

75% Not be able to find exactly what you're looking for

0% Other

12% Doesn't apply to me

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  • I've been examining the terms on other library sites, trying to get a feel for some reasonable prices, and considering just trying to start with non-broadcast clients to keep things simple - it's an ongoing process. And yeah, the time variations are probably necessary; I've just been doing whole pieces and offering edits for the time being.

    Plus, getting all of that together is really helpful for temp material!
  • Seems that way - all the more reason to work on your own library!
  • Thanks for looking guys! And to answer the obvious question, I had 72 responses. Told me a lot about what's going on out there....
  • Hey Scott, great work! You took the task of doing a survey and sharing it with your fellows. Talks a lot about your kindness and solidarity. It may be useless to me but I didn´t want to let this pass without comment.


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