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I officially started back at RSAMD yesterday, and had a composers' meeting at 2pm to discuss projects for this year. It looks like this is going to be a very busy (but exciting) year; I've been assigned 4 new projects on top of the 2 I already had.
I recently completed my sequenza for solo oboe, but still have the piano quintet and piece for solo viola to finish.
I have finished designing the structure of the piano quintet, and have completed 3 of the 5 sections, which I am very happy with so far... Although I may completely rewrite the first section!
The solo viola piece is almost finished, and is approximately 6 minutes long.

I have also been assigned a 3 minute contemporary piano etude to be published in a music book this year. This is excellent news, as I had been planning a sequel to a piano etude I wrote several months ago, so I already have an idea of what I'm going to do.

I need to write a large-scale piece for large ensemble and amplified ensemble, as a competition entry for the Craig Armstrong Prize. This piece may prove to be rather difficult, as it will be extremely time-consuming. I haven't thought too much about this work yet, so have no ideas for this project.

Another competition entry is for the Dinah Wolf Prize, which is a piece for piano and cello. I don't have the full outline of the criteria for this competition yet, but already have a few ideas in mind. The winner of this prize will have their piece played on BBC Radio 3.

Finally, we have the PLUG festival in April, which is a showcase of works by the composition department. We haven't been given too many details about the piece(s) we need to compose for this, although I do know that the piano etude I'm writing will be played in this festival. There will probably be a few more pieces that I need to submit for this festival, and this will also be covered by BBC Radio 3.

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