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Jeff Heim
  • Male
  • Dover, NH
  • United States
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Jeff Heim's Page


  • 1.
    Knights of Justice
  • 2.
    Truth Lies Within
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.
    Liga Nebulus
  • 6.
    Wheelchair Tango
  • 7.
    Whatever Happened to Amelia Earhart
  • 8.
  • 9.
    Montagna dei Fiori
  • 10.
    Oceans Rising
  • 11.
  • 12.
    Rise to Arms
  • 13.
    Mystic Light
  • 14.
    Optimal Velocity
  • 15.
    The Legend of Huntington Hill
  • 16.
    Prelude for Strings
  • 17.
    The Uprising
  • 18.
    Strength Within
  • 19.
    Forgotten Nation
  • 20.
    Ethnic Battle
  • 21.
    Mystic Night
  • 22.
  • 23.
    The Hitman
  • 24.
    Ancient Warrior
  • 25.
    The Chase
  • 26.
    Fantasy for Trombone and Orchestra

Latest News!

(April 9, 2011)
Looks like our "Heist" spot for Sensible Challenge won 3rd place at last night's screening! Hit it up, and send it to your friends; the last leg of the contest will be determined by viewership!

(March 14, 2011)

Check out my new website for the latest music and updates!

(Jan 30, 2010)
Hello everyone,

After three months of studying abroad in Italy without my computer or any means of creating music electronically, I'm back in the states and ready to pump out some more music. Before I jump back into things, I just wanted to reflect upon my stay in Italy. I stayed in Ascoli Piceno, which is about a three hour bus ride from Rome, situated near the Adriatic coast on the eastern side of central Italy. Ascoli Piceno is a relatively small and densely populated typical Italian town with cobblestone streets and alleys, located inbetween the Sibilline Mountains and the Adriatic coast. The area (known as the Marche region) is absolutely beautiful. Olive trees dot the hills, while mountains surround the valley in which Ascoli Piceno lies. I had the pleasure of hiking some of the surrounding mountains and looking down upon the small town, as well as the snow-capped Sibilline Mountains in the west, the Adriatic Sea to the east, and plains/foothills to the south. Words cannot describe how beautiful this region of Italy really is. During my three months in Italy, I traveled to Rome, Florence, Venice, San Benedetto, and managed to take a week-long trip out to Athens and Santorini in Greece. My fondest memories of Italy were not of the major tourist attractions, but instead what I enjoyed most in Italy was hiking Mt. Girella, which is one of the taller mountains in the region, and traveling to places by the Mediterranean Sea (including San Benedetto and Santorini).

(July, 2009)
This summer I will be upgrading to Cubase 5 (I currently use Finale 2008). There are some short-term setbacks to this decision of may take a few weeks to figure out how to use this new program, and probably won't be composing as much music as a result.

In the long run, this change will dramatically boost compositional efficiency and music quality, bringing you higher quality orchestral music in a shorter amount of time. This will all happen most likely within the next month, so in the meantime I will still be writing quite a bit. Thank you, and enjoy the music!

Profile Information

What have you composed for? Or what medium do you work around?
Film, Television, Web, Multimedia, Orchestra
What is your favorite genre or style of music?
Orchestral (post-romantic, film scores)
Is music your main income source?
No - Not Yet
Where do you live?
Dover, NH
About Me (Must include at least one paragraph of biographical information about you as a composer) - blank or minimal answers on this line will cause your request to be rejected. Include a link to your website if you have one.
Jeff Heim earned his B.A. degree in music theory from the University of New Hampshire and has studied music composition under Andrew Boysen, Jr., Lori Dobbins, Michael Annicchiarico, and Christopher Kies. He enjoys combining his formal classical training with his experience working with midi sequencers and virtual instruments to create large-scale orchestral soundtracks for film and game developers. His latest works include collaborations with NYU film student/director Jon Truei on many short films including “Wheelchair Tango!”, “Whatever Happened to Amelia Earhart?”, “True Accounts of Supernatural”, “Veggie Straws”, and “Frank McCuff: Police Force Vigilante”. In addition to composing music for film, Jeff is currently involved in a collaborative effort to score music for an online board game called “Underverse”.

Jeff began composing music as a hobby at a young age, using his background in trombone and piano as a vital tool. During his high school years, a new passion for film music (combined with his experiences playing trombone) inspired him to begin composing orchestral music. A major turning point in his early career as a young composer occurred during his Sophomore year at UNH when he first got his hands on some new orchestral samples and a midi sequencer, enabling him to compose realistic large-scale orchestral pieces using only a computer. He would devote hours at a time creating new orchestral pallets and fine-tuning and balancing midi instruments to work with on his compositions.

Jeff currently resides in Dover, New Hampshire where he enjoys playing trombone and piano, hiking, bicycling, spending time with friends and family, and watching movies. He often finds new inspiration from childhood experiences by the ocean in Rockport, Massachusetts, hiking in the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains, and from his experience studying abroad in Italy.

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At 9:17am on July 5, 2016, Larry Elliott said…

Greetings Jeff,

I like your music. It is quite epic sounding. Thanks so much for sharing.

Very best,

Larry Elliott

At 12:31pm on October 25, 2010, Jeremy David Hiebert said…
You could have done the score to Indiana Jones! Awesome!
At 7:06am on May 7, 2009, August Champlin said…
Thanks, Jeff, for your comments and constructive criticism. I agree that "In the Light of the Trinity" doesn't develop much. It's sedate and slow with long-lines and few variations in tempo or tonality. These are weaknesses or maybe just characteristics of this piece I've tried to address in various drafts, of which I've written dozens and dozens over the years. As I try to revise the version I posted, it will be useful for me to consider development and variation. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of your destination when working on a piece that exists in multiple drafts.

Keep up the good work. I'm listening to your music as as I write this and appreciate the clear textures and spacious orchestration.
At 11:03am on April 22, 2009, Leslie Quarcoopome said…
Hi Jeff, many thanks for the add. I started listening to your tracks this morning and was immediately impressed. Great ideas. I hope to audition them all in good time.

At 12:32am on April 22, 2009, marv cripps said…
Hi Jeff,

I just finished listening to No Fear, No Mercy - really liked it. I'll be back.
At 10:11am on February 28, 2009, August Champlin said…
Sometimes I can't believe I'm all the way out in Korea either.
At 9:58am on February 27, 2009, H. Archibald said…
Hi, just looking around and saw that you are a new member and you live in Massachusetts! Nice to see a fellow MA resident on here.

Took a listen to your music and you have some good stuff here.
At 1:36am on February 27, 2009, August Champlin said…
Thanks for your detailed feedback on using EWQL and Finale. I see that I am going to have to save up for this major upgrade. Perhaps when I move back to the States in six to twelve months, I'll be ready to plop down that kind of cash for a new computer and sample library. In the meantime, I'll have to make due with my lil' ol' GPO.

By the way, how's the music department at UNH? I'm contemplating returning to the States from Korea, where I train English teachers, to pursue a PhD in English. One of the schools I applied to was UNH. If I'm accepted, it might be nice to take a few courses in choral conducting or composition, the only two facets of music I still do much work in.
At 4:02am on February 26, 2009, August Champlin said…
Hey Jeff,

Listening to your music I was struck by the quality of the recordings, mixing, and mastering. What programs are you using to do these in? I'm hoping not Finale; if so, you're a much better user than I. Also, how well do EWQL products integrate with Finale 2008? I'm considering upgrading from Garritan to EWQL, but first will need a better computer.
At 12:00pm on February 25, 2009, Jason Ward said…
Jeff! I listened to several of your tracks and they are all awesome! I could easily envision hearing music like this in any of our modern day epic games from World of Warcraft to Battlefield and Counter Strike and even in movies demanding a strong score like Titanic and Lord of the Rings. Excellent music!

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