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a corner of my living room.

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  • I'm to cheap to upgrade my Event 20/20's, but I really should...maybe Adam A7's? Anyway, this photo shows my preamp back then- a UA 2-610. I liked it.  A little bit on the 'dark' tonal side. I had to sell it a while ago to cover my mortgage, when my daytime job was 'slow'. I went a year or so without recording or writing. Instead, I was focused on photography-  Anyway, all is well now. I'm back into recording with a UA 710 (smooth and detailed) and a Pacifica preamp. I like them both. I do everything in the box. I use a MOTU 828mkII for AD/DA.  Sm57, Sm58, SM7, Rode NTK, Blue Bluebird, Beta 52, Matched pairs of Oktava MC-012's. A Strat, a Washburn RR100,  Samick TV Twenty, Jazz Bass Redding signature, Nord Modular Keyboard, Korg Z1, Alesis QS Plus Piano, Roland M-OC1 orchestral module, Alesis D4 drum module, Kontakt 4, a couple of combo amps, lots of effects pedals, etc.
  • what do have in your rack?   How are the EVENT speakers working for you?
  • Doug:

    thanks for the nice comments on the Primo Kim Tracks. It goes without saying that it couldn't have happened without a lot of hard work by Chris Alpiar to create the "orchestra " from written scores. The combination of Chris' great realization plus sosme fine live playing and singing really came off even getter than I had hoped for.
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