Rainbucket Microtonal composition

Spectropol Records is a friendly netlabel devoted to excellent music unbound by venue and commerce; it’s a destination for adventurous music beyond journalistic and commercial style/genre classifications.

Summer 2013: Finally capturing a thunderstorm from inside a Quonset hut near the Canadian Rockies. Experimenting with dulcimer tunings, guitar harmonics and altered waveforms.

I heard wonderful music made by nature interacting with all sorts of things on the farm such as buckets, scraps of metal, chattering birds and and dangling bits of wire. Each time the storm seemed to be over, it was actually just quietly creeping closer. Intensity was building through the expanding extremes of dynamic range and not simply a crescendo.

Sometimes composing is discovering wildflowers that grow the other side of the garden wall. I teach myself to hear sound that my brain learned to dismiss, turn over the seeds of the sound hierarchy planted in my thinking, in my feelings and in trying to express. I'd like to have the curiosity of my primitive mind before a wrong note, played out of time and out of tune would ever have been heard. Eventually it would be true, that so many dimensions could be possible worlds and possible beginnings. http://spectropolrecords.bandcamp.com/track/susan-ann-brewster-rainbucket

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