My Studio Rack (Upper)

This is all of my standard width rack gear. From top to bottom: Midiman Midisport 8x8, Behringer Virtualizer Pro, A.R.T. MultiVerb III, E-mu Proteus/1, Roland Super JV 1080. I had to get a new MIDI hub after my old Midisport 2x2 became limiting once I got the JV 1080. I decided to just get the 8x8 because I knew one day I would require more than the 4x4 offered. The Behringer is pretty much my reverb effect unit. The MultiVerb III is by far and away my favorite effects unit of all time. It can do anything! If you hear echo delays in my songs this is the unit that created them. You can probably see the effect I have loaded on it "Ray Lynch Delay". I created this effect for my rendition of his popular song "Celestial Soda Pop". The Proteus/1 might be old, but those choir, strings, and flute sounds are one of a kind! I'm really glad I picked it up. The Super JV 1080 is a power house. I probably couldn't run an overly complex piece through it exclusively, but it has a massive polyphony and the samples it comes with combined with the expansion boards are just phenomenal!

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  • I really like it for the pads, strings, the vocal expansion is amazing for choirs, and it pumps out some deep bass sounds through various leads too. I also have the Orchestra II expansion which really has some amazing brass, reeds, and woodwinds as well.
  • I have got a Super JV 1080 three years ago.. Which part of patch do u like? Now..I use 1080's Pad/Lead/String a lot...
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