Szabo Studio 3

Szabo Studio 3

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  • Hey Chris,


    You are correct. That is a Mac PowerPC G3 grey; the first of the G series Macs. It still works fine for MIDI only work. Although I will finally stop using it and sell that entire rack of goodies very soon. Hopefully in a few weeks. This is an old photo. I have a Giga 3 rig and a Pro Tools 8 rig in my machine closet now. I hope to sell that off very soon as well. It comes with a VSL full Orchestra Cube (among other sample goodies). I have switched to a Mac Pro 8 core with 28Gb of ram and 4 internal drives. My whole rig is now software based. I've been testing it for several months and I nearly have all the bugs worked out. Now, I can be mobile if the director wants me in LA (or anywhere else for that matter).


    I am doing OK... paying the bills. That is all that I can ask for in this economy.


    How about you?


  • Are you kidding? Of course not. :)
  • Great room! is it always to clean?
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