this was my birthday present from my girlfriend. she knows what boys like...

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  • Another very nice waterphone library : http://www.watunlib.com/global/index.php?lng=en

    But the real thing must be so awesome!

  • Oh man... I love waterphones... got a great library of waterphone samples not too long ago (SampleLogic Waterharp).. LOVE it.
  • I first heard about this instrument on the cover notes of an album by "Sky" - they had used it on one of the tracks. I now have a sample of it in my East west libraries, but I didn't know it could be plucked - how interesting!
  • Oh I want one!!!! I have a birthday coming up. Where'd your girlfriend get it? Will she get me one too?
  • oh the irony! the new age is here when people don't even recognize the actual instruments that they've heard a million times! the waterphone is the sound you hear in every dramatic movie/tv show where they want to show tension or horror. it can be plucked or played like a hand drum, but normally it is bowed with a cello bow when filled with water. you can move the water around to modulate the pitch. here's a link to the inventor:http://www.richardawaters.com/waterphone/sounds.html

    every time i hear it i want to go "previously on lost.."

    the funny thing is its a surprisingly versatile instrument although most of the sample sets you find are completely randomly played. i guess
    they're capitalizing on the "otherworldlyness"
    of it.
  • Woa. What is that? A theremin like device? These things confuse and scare me unless there is a DXi version.
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