This forum is meant to be a place where composers can give and receive helpful feedback on their pieces, or discuss musical topics in an atmosphere of mutual consideration and respect.

We will not condone any "petty and juvenile schoolyard bickering" as one of our members so aptly put it. Please read the following rules carefully. They will be observed at all times.

  1. Any post which contains criticism of another member, rather than helpful critique of a piece or discussions of music, will be deleted immediately, no questions asked and no warnings. The post will be marked "Deleted for inappropriate content"
  2. If the same person has five posts deleted for inappropriate content, that person will be given a warning. If s/he has one more post deleted for inappropriate content after the warning, the person's account will be deleted.

We believe that each of you members is a valuable asset to this forum, and we also believe that you can rise to the challenge of behaving like mature and helpful grown ups. Please live up to our belief in you!

The Management