Kjell Prytz (added 02/01/2020)


8638611899?profile=RESIZE_180x180Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your music background and anything else you'd like to share.


I am an amateur pianist and composer, being active since childhood. I am self-taught through books, reading scores, listening and lately, thanks to the web, through mutual feedback from other composers. I deliberately chose that way since I have no commercial interest and I believe in self-development. I carry the dream to find a personal style in composition. I believe in modernism although my music still sounds a bit old-fashioned but I develop, I am curious.


8638611899?profile=RESIZE_180x180How would you describe your musical style or styles?


My music is tonal but postmodern. I do not believe in rules in music, just emotions. I could take impression from anything, from science, nature and maybe most of all others music. I am very much influenced by the song tradition in my country. Many of my pieces have this song form, like something you sing.


8638611899?profile=RESIZE_180x180What and/or who are your chief influences?


The great masters: Bach (was this is a person or institute by the way?) for its mathematical structure and counterpoint, Beethoven for his unrestrained creativity, Brahms for his orchestration, Debussy for his innovative and courage and R Strauss for his musical power. Just male Europeans I notice. However, I adore the female singer/songwriters in my country who influence my themes a lot.


8638611899?profile=RESIZE_180x180Can you name something you did in a piece of music of which you are particularly happy?


I like it when I am able to mix with a modern instrument. I have done that with guitar. I also found a lovely sound when I combined organ with solo violin (sounds like Albinoni). I am also proud of the rare constellation guitar and violin for which I composed a couple of pieces, rather appreciated. I also managed to make a fugue and a waltz, which for a long time has been my dream. 


8638611899?profile=RESIZE_180x180Are you published anywhere? How could someone who is interested purchase your music?


I have only self-published on different web sites. It is a great tool. I could never have dreamt of the possibilities that open up for us amateur musicians today. To be able to compose with the computer and to spread it all over the world.

I compose directly on the score which is played back by the computer. The scores are available to anyone who wants to perform. This is actually my main goal, to get the music performed. Probably I need to publish first.


8638611899?profile=RESIZE_180x180If you could offer one piece of advice to other composers, what would it be?


Follow your emotions and conviction, let the creativity flow. In this way you will find a personal style and become a unique composer.



985752673?profile=RESIZE_710xIf you could put 3 pieces of your music on the Voyager spacecraft for dissemination to the stars, what would they be? Also, please give a brief description of each piece and a link.


Lovely question.

Come into being. It is built on two contrasting themes which both I count as my best:

Amber: Feels modern with the guitar play being an important part.

LambdaCDM: My first minimal symphony consisting of three continuous episodes (short movements). I can’t stop listening to it. It gives me pleasure.


985752673?profile=RESIZE_710xIs there anything else you would like to say?


I am totally amazed by the computer technology. To have a full orchestra available to anyone in your computer. How is it possible to reproduce all its sound so authentically, it is a miracle which I cannot get used to. I am overwhelmed.

I think this website is excellent. We have found a level of trust, where criticism is more like encouragements and suggestions. This is actually rather rare among the world’s musical websites. I am grateful for that and thanks to its administrators.