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Features which no longer exist:

  • Custom design on personal home page
  • Song player on personal home page

New feaures:

  • Music menu added
  • Mobile site completely rebuilt
  • Banner graphic at top of site now links to home page
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Members only: Suggestions? Complaints? Other things you want to say to the Management of this site? Send a PM to Gav Brown, Site Manager. If you are not already friends with him on this site, send him a friend request, all will be accepted.

Backup: s

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Meet your Admins

Gav Brown
Site Manager

Chris Merritt
Creator of Composers' Forum

Art Ross
Banner Design, CF Store

Julie Brown
Contest Art

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Why didn’t my membership request get accepted?

  • Membership is restricted to composers. If you are not a composer, you can’t be a member.
  • If you indicate that you are a composer, but don’t provide any examples or links to your works.
  • If you leave the
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This forum is meant to be a place where composers can give and receive helpful feedback on their pieces, or discuss musical topics in an atmosphere of mutual consideration and respect.

We will not condone any "petty and juvenile schoolyard bickering"

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Stephen Lines (added 05/09/2019)8638630297?profile=RESIZE_400x

8638627274?profile=RESIZE_180x180Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your music background and anything else you'd like to share.

8638633898?profile=RESIZE_180x180I am comparatively ancient in a chronological sense but still feel and think like a 30-year old. Initially I took up m

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Kjell Prytz (added 02/01/2020)


8638611899?profile=RESIZE_180x180Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your music background and anything else you'd like to share.


I am an amateur pianist and composer, being active since childhood. I am self-taught through books, reading scores, li

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