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4 Elements Contest

In the Spring of 2018, The Composers' Forum held a contest based on the idea of the 4 "Classical" elements, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. Composers were asked to contribute a work of 2 minutes duration for each element. Here are the winners of that contest

1st PLACE: Johannes Bergcrantz, with "Air"
2nd PLACE: Stu Lloyd, with "Test Flight"
3rd PLACE: Kevin Evans, with "Air"

1st PLACE: Emily Bond, with "High Mountain Stream"
2nd PLACE: Stephen Ferre, with "The Black Pool"
3rd PLACE: Stephen Lines, with "Water"

1st PLACE: Emily Bond, with "Flame"
2nd PLACE: George Abbott, with "Cinematic Action Piece"
3rd PLACE: Joshua Empyre, with "Fire"

1st PLACE: Vn, with "The Dance of Gaia"
2nd PLACE: Emily Bond, with "Blue-Green World"
3rd PLACE: Clint Clark, with "Element Earth"


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