tunmay basu left a comment for David Burrows
"Hi Devid  pune is one of the important place for Indian classical Music.Vasantotsav and Swai Gandharva are the two grand festival in pune . Nice to know you play Indian classical  Flute. I stay  in Mumbai. Let me know when you are coming. We may jam…"
Aug 5, 2014
tunmay basu left a comment for Dan Ling
"ya its fun to create music for games...... i have  a little experience with it... i did music for a  trail game for my company..... the most challenging part of it to find right groove and catchy musical phrase which can be repeated again and…"
Nov 19, 2012
tunmay basu left a comment for Dan Ling
"hi Dan ! this is a Indian flute .....horizontally played... it has one blowing hole.. and normally 6 fingering holes ... sometimes one extra hole is present....you are right Hari prasad Chowrasia  plays this flute........ Shakuhachi is vertically…"
Nov 16, 2012
tunmay basu left a comment for Dan Ling
"hi  Dan...."
Nov 15, 2012
tunmay basu left a comment for Tyler Hughes
"thank you very much...."
Nov 15, 2012
tunmay basu commented on Nobuyoshi Tanaka's blog post Music Video
"nice.... horror and tension evoking in a way.....just a suggestion that release of tension could have been more frequent... otherwise it might create monotony..... best of luck..."
Nov 15, 2012
tunmay basu replied to Johan Roeraade's discussion Sonata for violin and piano
"i really liked the track ....nice evocation and release of tension...i think its finally about  hope........"
Nov 15, 2012

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  • Namaskar Tunmay,

    I also play bansuri and sing Indian Classical, and devotional music.  I will be in India for a couple of weeks January '15. Someone had mentioned to me a big annual musical festival in Pune that may be happening around the time I will be in India. Is that true?    Best, David Burrows

  • Thanks for the info.

    I'm learning a lot about creating game music for this game I'm working on.  The designers are all experienced amateurs.  It's challenging to create music and background sounds specifically for a scene and to finish it quickly, but it's also fun and inspirational.  I hope to do all the music for their next game.

  • Hi Tunmay, is that a shakuhachi or a bansuri?  I love the sound of bamboo flute.  I've been listening to Hariprasad Chaurasia a lot lately.

  • Thanks for friend request!

  • Welcome!

  • Welcome to the Composers' Forum

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