Suzanne Munro posted a status
May 25
What am I up to? Well, I am really hoping to find a friendly composer who is also a good viola player (and another who is a horn player, and one who is a harpist,) to check though some new scores. I would never put out a piece for harp until an actual harp player checked it over for me...and the same for brass if a solo piece. I play the piano and flute, ... but sadly not a stringed instrument, so would like a pro viola payer to look over bowing /phrasing (and check the harmonic written is ok for the viola!)
Have had two harpists respond, and sent music to both... but sadly, neither have responded even disappeared and her friend could not get hold of her either. Fellow orch payer said she would check the viola solo, but has never got back. The music is quite nice – !! and not that hard, that it could putting people off. (Aunt-in-law is a good amateur viola player, and said it looked ok, but get a pro to really check!) They just get busy, promise something, and then forget it.... but I want to put up on new web site soon! Can anyone out there help? Thank you!

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