riccardo amorese left a comment for Christopher John Ulrich Burke
"hi Christopher, sorry for answering late
I suggest you to fix any latency matters, and to compose while listening to the loop beeing played. Never compose deaf on piano roll, you should always listen to the result. some instrument has less attack…"
Apr 1, 2011
riccardo amorese left a comment for Andrew Gleibman
"thanks Andrew
I like your music, you can never say what is due to come, but you can always enjoy the present moment as part of an organic thing... two aspect normally incompatible. And, more important, never boring !"
Mar 9, 2011
riccardo amorese left a comment for Emily Bond
Mar 7, 2011
riccardo amorese left a comment for Emily Bond
"I listen to all playlist, I really enjoyed it.
non western scales are harmonized so smoothly and emotionally
brava !"
Mar 6, 2011
riccardo amorese left a comment for Emily Bond
thanks for listening!
I use East West Orchestra, in a very personal way, and with a huge amount of electronic techniques. I tend to perform on midi keyboard and use piano roll rather than score, to get a more human touch to my fake…"
Mar 4, 2011
riccardo amorese left a comment for Emily Bond
"yes you did ! 
I had the feeling of huge feelings combined with logic pulsions
I hope you'll like my music
Mar 3, 2011
riccardo amorese left a comment for Tyler Hughes
"Hello Tyler
nice to meet you and to listen to you
Mar 3, 2011

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  • Congratulations
  • Dear Riccardo.

    Got a technical question for you.  I've always used notation - Quick Score Elite Level 2 - and I'm going to be doing a course on Ableton Live which uses piano-roll, which is something I cordially hate almost beyond measure. But I can't play a keyboard - I'm disabled, don't let it worry you - so I'm gonna have to use it.  Here's the question.

    How on earth do you line things up using piano roll? In notation, I can choose 8 staves, one per instrument, and happily line up blobs-on-sticks all day. In piano roll - firstly you can't see more than 2 instruments at once. Secondly, piano roll lies. The blobs LOOK lined up. You play it back, everything's a fraction of a second out and you're flogging quantization to death all the time. Thirdly - you can't hear the note AS you're putting it in, only AFTERWARDS. Which means you're working by guesswork all the time. Fourthly - never used Logic but this is SO true with Ableton - if you try creating a MIDI file and importing it, Ableton couldn't line up MIDI with a gun to its head. Everything's MILES out. Rhythm, all the wrong notes lined up, you're back on the quantization-flogging trail again and even that doesn't always work....


    Please, how do you work around all those problems with piano roll? I'm seriously very scared of this course purely because of the piano-roll aspect - I think I can do the music OK, it's a very basic course, but piano roll flatly terrifies me. 


    Any help or advice gratefully received....


    Yours hopefully


    Christopher Burke

  • Hi Riccardo, I like you music language. I feel it as if I see live theatrical scenes behind it. "Photosound" contains interesting modern timbre combinations. Great work!
  • Thanks, Riccardo.  I listened to more of your music and love how you combine orchestra with synth sounds - something I'm interested in doing myself.  Your music is very visual, like splashes of color.  I feel like I'm moving through multiple dimensions of feeling, and it's never static.  Beautiful!
  • Thank you Riccardo! I listened to your music on soundcloud. It's very nice; you're quite talented!
  • Hi Ricccardo!

    Your music really rocks. You're a pro, man!



  • Riccardo,

    Your music is full of character and very well orchestrated!  I wonder what you use for your sound.

  • Riccardo,

    Thanks for your comment re: Ancient One.  That is a piece I wrote a while back when my mother passed away.  She lived in a house surrounded by hugh redwood trees.  I was thinking of them living for thousands of years, seeing so many lives and deaths passing by.

    I'm still somewhat new to this site as well, and I'm not sure where (or how) to respond to your comment, but I wanted to get back to you.

  • Welcome to the Composers' Forum
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